Regardless of the services you end up purchasing, you’ll probably be in contact with a member of our consulting team. Our consulting personnel are here to provide you with their expertise and experience in order to ensure you get the appropriate services.

Protection, Safety, and Liability

At Bluegrass Public Safety, our three main goals are to provide a superior protective service, increase safety, and decrease liability. Our consulting and analysis team is involved in every step of acquiring a contract to implement the best practices in order to achieve our goals. In addition, they regularly review contracts to evaluate the levels and effectiveness of services being provided.

Technology Enhanced

Our consulting and analysis team uses state of the art software to more accurately predict what kind of protection your property needs. Utilizing information from both public and private databases, we can see crime history down to the street level and time of occurrences. We can also identify known local offenders before we’re even on site, giving us the edge on the “regulars” that try to scope out the new people on the block.