Patrol Services

At Bluegrass Public Safety, our patrol services are an affordable and cost-effective alternative or addition to on-site security personnel. Patrol services can provide an effective deterrence to crime and provide other services including, alarm response, perimeter and location checks, and securing access-ways after-hours.

Better Service

Our patrol services standard is leaps and bounds beyond the competition. All of our patrols are done with company vehicles, we don’t cut costs by moving the liability to our employees and clients by forcing a guard to drive their personal vehicle. Unlike our competitors, we will NEVER simply enter a clients property and sit in the parking lot glued to a mobile device and ignoring our job.

Service Options

There are two main varieties of patrol services.

  1. Shared Patrol The shared patrol is the most common service provided and the most affordable. In a shared patrol, an Officer is responsible for a client list in their area and rotates between them. Each client receives their contract services and patrols are timed based on need and area crime maps. Officers are assigned clients in order to maximize response times and ensure that the clients are receiving the attention they need.
  2. Assigned Patrol A less common service, but ideal for certain properties, is an assigned patrol. In an assigned patrol the vehicle is exclusively assigned to your property and is clearly marked with your property name under the standard company markings. These kind of patrols are recommended for Homeowners Associations, Industrial Complexes, and properties with large tracts of land requiring long-term patrols.