Uniformed Services

The BPS Uniformed Services Division is the backbone of our company. We rely on hiring and training competent people who can carry out tasks with the highest regard to service.

Better Service, Better People.

BPS was founded on providing better service to our clients and the public. To do this we require better people and BPS requires all uniformed protection officers to complete an intensive, three-phased screening and training process. This process exceeds standards set by other local companies and includes background checks, training and employment verification, pre-service training, and on the job training. This process ensures that our employees are capable of performing at the highest quality so we can give our clients the best service.

To keep up with the changing laws and technology, BPS requires all officers attend continuing service classes and re-certify in their existing certifications. Continuing education includes classes provided in-house by our instructors as well as outside education provided by other agencies. BPS is not and has never been a company where a person with only a CCDW and a personal firearm is qualified to be any type of Officer.

In order to ensure that our Officers are providing the services required, BPS starts every contract with a detailed site assessment and client needs survey. BPS will work with the client to develop a comprehensive operating plan specifically for that site in addition to our Standard Operating Procedures. All Officers will be trained on each site they are assigned and expected to know each site’s policies and procedures.

Always Improving

Our goal should never be to hit the ceiling of standard security services and remain there. At BPS we strive to raise the bar that other security companies intentionally try to keep low. In order to provide better service and keep up with a changing world we have to be a leader in improving the industry. Some of the following are examples of services that put us above and beyond the competition.

  • Environmentally friendly paperless reporting
  • Online database documenting evidence,  incident reports, enforcement of violations, and area intelligence
  • Online reporting to clients of activity
  • A comprehensive policies and procedures manual that is constantly being updated and re-evaluated based on accredited policies
  • Supporting technology for field operations, including audio and video equipment, mobile data devices, radios, etc.